Paul Davidoff Award for leadership in housing and equal opportunity

The Bushwick Community Plan

The Bushwick Community Plan represents a new model in community planning in New York City and exemplifies advocacy and pluralism in planning. Bushwick has long been home to immigrants, working families and people of color. In the last few years, a wave of new, high-rent developments and upscale businesses has exacerbated the risk of displacement for long-time residents and small business owners.

Over the course of almost 4 years, a broad coalition of more than 50 “citizen planners” – community Board members, community-based organization representatives, workers, and residents – came together with local elected officials and city agency representatives to develop a roadmap for the future of Bushwick based on community-identified needs and priorities. Local residents had the information and inspiration they needed to make important decisions about neighborhood development, and civic engagement increased significantly throughout the planning process. Critical government-community relationships were formed and public understanding of increased density, manufacturing to residential use changes, affordable housing development and displacement grew. The BCP and the planning process from which it grew will sustain a stronger, better informed and more resilient Bushwick community now and into the future.