Message from the Chapter President 1-4-19

Happy new year! I hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable holiday season.

As we start the new year, I want to express my gratitude to the outgoing and incoming Executive Committee—as well as the broader leadership team—for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the Chapter, and to encourage all Chapter members to consider applying to participate in the 2019 Mentorship Program.

For the 2019-20 term, several Chapter officers from the 2017-18 Executive Committee are serving another term or transitioning to a new position. We are also welcoming new officers to the Executive Committee and offering well wishes to those who are stepping down after multiple years of service. Below is a summary of updates for the current term.

As you make your new year’s resolutions, consider the Chapter’s 2019 Mentorship Program as an opportunity to give back to the profession and expand your horizons. Prospective mentors and mentees should complete the brief application survey by the 1/13 deadline to express interest in this personally and professionally rewarding program.

Sincerely, Max

Maxwell L. Sokol, AICP
APA New York Metro Chapter

APA-NYM Executive Committee Updates for 2019-20

Serving another term on the Executive Committee in 2019-20 in the same position from 2017-18:

  • President: Maxwell Sokol, AICP
  • Immediate Past President (Ex Officio): James Rausse, AICP
  • Professional Development Officer (PDO) / Vice President of Professional Development: Alex Wallach, AICP
  • Vice President of Communications: Ela Dokonal, AICP CUD, LEED AP
  • Long Island Section Representative: Sean Sallie, AICP
  • Lower Hudson Valley West Section Representative: Heather Jacksy, AICP
  • New York City Section Representative: Scott Grimm-Lyon, AICP

Transitioning to a new position on the Executive Committee for 2019-20:

  • Outgoing Treasurer and incoming Vice President of Intergovernmental Affairs: Shachi Pandey, AICP, LEED AP
  • Outgoing Student Representative Committee (SRC) Chair and incoming Young Planners Group (YPG) Chair (Ex Officio): Caroline Peri
    • Note: transition occurred in Fall 2018

Transitioning off the Executive Committee:

  • Outgoing Secretary: Olivia Jovine
    • Note: founder and incoming Chair of the Technology Committee
  • Outgoing Vice President of Committees: Katie Theis, AICP, RLA, LEED AP
  • Outgoing Vice President of Intergovernmental Affairs: Moses Gates, AICP
  • Outgoing Vice President of Programs: Kovid Saxena, AICP, LEED AP, ENV SP
  • Outgoing Lower Hudson Valley East Section Representative: Gina D’Agrosa, AICP
  • Outgoing YPG Chair (Ex Officio): Petr Vancura

Joining the Executive Committee for 2019-20:

  • Incoming Secretary: James Rigert
  • Incoming Treasurer: Kellie Radnis
  • Incoming Vice President of Committees: Matthew Cunningham, AICP
  • Incoming Vice President of Programs: Holly Chase, AICP
  • Incoming Lower Hudson Valley East Section Representative: Peter Feroe, AICP
  • Incoming SRC Chair: Amber Nowak
    • Note: transition occurred in Fall 2018