Meritorious Service or Achievement Award to recognize work of unusual merit or achievement

The Greater Nyack Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

The Greater Nyack Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (Master Plan) provides a road map for safety and mobility improvements for the Nyack river villages and the entire Nyack school district.  Administered by the Village of Nyack and its stakeholder partners in the Nyack School District and the river villages of South Nyack and Upper Nyack, a comprehensive package of recommendations have been created to encourage the community to bicycle and walk more for transportation, recreation, exercise, and overall quality of life.  Core tenets of the Master Plan include safety and equity for all street users, regardless of age, ability, or travel mode, with significant emphasis placed on children and schools. The Master Plan highlights the value and importance of quick-build approaches to addressing the community’s infrastructure needs sooner rather than later. A quick build toolbox provides guidance on proven design considerations for commonly applicable street elements and the use of short-term demonstration and pilot projects. A key achievement is a co-operative participation by the municipalities and School District in the development and ongoing implementation of the Master Plan.