Hindsight 2021: Re-Emergence Re-Imagined

Request for Session Proposals

Submit your ideas for innovative sessions under this year’s Hindsight™ theme, Re-emergence Re-Imagined. The proposal deadline is Friday August 6, 2021, 11:59pm EST.

As we slowly emerge from a global pandemic, 2021 continues to challenge us to balance the duality of gratitude and grief in the world. Despite greater hope inspired by community mutual aid and resourcefulness, new leadership, as well as reopening, it has become undeniable that the experiences of oppressed peoples around the world are interconnected and rooted in white supremacy and racial capitalism. In this fifth and final year of Hindsight,™ merging with the APA New York Metro Chapter Annual Conference, let us create space to re-imagine what an equitable future truly for us and by us looks like, to guide our re-emergence. We call on planners and policy makers to shatter the failed systems that perpetuate racism and ableism, and, together with communities, build the foundation necessary for us to collectively thrive. Like a seedling emerging, let us root into the resistance and solidarity of our ancestors and manifest a future of our wildest dreams–where the impossible is possible.

The two day, virtual event will take place from November 4-5, 2021. Hindsight will focus on diversity and social equity not solely as a topic at a conference, but as a lens through which all planning and community development should be implemented. We invite you and the general public to submit proposals for innovative sessions (panels, workshops, skill-share, performance, exhibition) that focuses on the theme and ensures a diversity of panelists and speakers. 

The proposal deadline is Friday August 6, 2021, 11:59 EST.

More information is available HERE.