Village of Larchmont Train Station Parking Lot Redevelopment

  1. Village Goals

The Village is willing to consider the redevelopment of the site to support the following goals:

  • Increase the supply of public parking.
  • Activate the site.
  • Include a mix of uses that supports and reinforces the business district, and is comprised primarily of non-residential uses. While a development that includes an ancillary residential component is not specifically prohibited, non-residential uses are preferred and will be given priority in the selection process. A single-use development will not be considered.
  • Include “public” uses that benefit the residents of the Village of Larchmont.
  • Improve circulation and connectivity between this site, the train station, the business district and the residential neighborhoods for all modes of transportation (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists).
  • Provide innovative solutions to the “first and last mile problem” at the train station.
  • Serve as an exemplar of green building and sustainability.
  • Increase employment opportunities.
  • Ensure equitable accessibility for people of all ages and abilities.
  • Maintain the existing number of public parking spaces, and their operational functionality, during the period of construction.
  • Any new building must be “four-sided” so there is no “back” or “bad-side.” This relates in particular to the side of the development facing the railroad.
  • The design of the development should reflect the traditions and values of the Village of Larchmont.Patrick