Town of Greenburgh – Mixed-Use Development Planning/Infrastructure Analysis

The Town of Greenburgh, through the Department of Community Development and Conservation, seeks proposals from Professional Engineering/Planning Consultants with demonstrated experience to prepare transportation and stormwater technical analysis for an area of the Town known as Four Corners. Four Corners is a prominent intersection in the Hartsdale portion of the Town at the intersection of Central Park Avenue and East & West Hartsdale Avenues. This portion of the Town is also the subject of a land use study known as the Hartsdale Four Corners Study, which is a land use plan that envisions mixed-use redevelopment of an approximate 10 acre area.

The technical analysis sought by the Town of Greenburgh will focus on existing traffic congestion and flooding in the Four Corners area, and potential related infrastructure improvements in the context of the Hartsdale Four Corners Study, but also include preliminary identification of water and sanitary sewer capacity. Potential traffic/transportation and flooding mitigations identified are intended to inform Town planning at Four Corners and applicable surrounding areas, and provide initial insight into the redevelopment capacity of the area.

The content of the proposals should respond to information presented in the enclosed RFP, and must adhere to the format outlined therein. Respondents are required to submit one (1) original and seven (7) copies of their proposal(s).  Proposals and attachments must be received no later than 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 16, 2019, and should be addressed to:

Mr. Garrett Duquesne, AICP

Commissioner, Department of Community Development and Conservation

177 Hillside Avenue

Greenburgh, New York 10607

Phone: (914) 989-1532