The Town of North Hempstead (the “Town”) occupies 55 square miles in northwestern Nassau County, New York with a population of 231,000. The Port Washington Waterfront Business zoning district was established in 2009 with the legislative intent “to promote, enhance and encourage water-dependent uses and increase opportunities for public access along the Town’s commercial waterfront.” The district comprises 18 acres along the water side of Main Street from the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club to Sunset Park.  Within the 18 acres are the publicly owned Town Dock and Sunset Park, leaving only six properties, comprising 11 acres that are subject to the zoning regulations.  Prior to 2009, the affected properties were zoned ‘Business-B’.


Beginning with the establishment of a building moratorium in December 2017, the Town has been working with a number of public and semi-private groups and associations. Meetings have been held with various stakeholder groups in the interest of reaching a consensus on concepts for redevelopment. However, the stakeholders remain far apart on the issues of housing, height, density and parking such that no consensus could be reached.  The Town is now seeking a third-party planner and facilitator to hear from the various stakeholders and develop conceptual plans that reflect a broad consensus from both the owners of the six properties subject to the regulations, as well as members of the community at large.