Consulting Services – Jersey City Master Plan Update – Prime Team

The City seeks a Consultant, known hereafter as the “Prime Team,” to serve as a graphic design, workflow, communication and consolidation manager to all elements of the update.

Jersey City strives to leverage innovative planning and urban design to balance restoration of some of the area’s historic patterns with the expansion of livability into the foreseeable future. The objective of the Master Plan Update is to re-examine and revise several Elements to capitalize on the potential of the urban fabric to serve the community. The Update will utilize specialized technical experts across multiple Master Plan Elements including the Land-Use Element, the Housing Element, and the Open Space and Recreation Element, the Circulation Element, and a variety of other transportation initiatives. The scope of each element will be awarded to individual Consultants with proven expertise in relevant areas of practice.  The Housing Element Update is currently in progress. While the Master Plan Update Team will have little interface with the Housing Element Consultant, the results and major outputs of the Housing update are expected to be incorporated in the process and engagement related to this contract.

The submission deadline is October 17, 2019.