Position Statement: Vision 2020: New York City Comprehensive Waterfront Plan


The New York Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association recognizes the Department of City Planning of the City of New York for its extensive work on updating the City’s first Comprehensive Waterfront Plan of 1992 and for drafting a vision for the next ten years that acknowledges the waterfront’s value as a public resource and continues to support its productive use and increased enjoyment.
We are a local chapter of the 41,000-member American Planning Association, a national organization dedicated to creating livable communities of lasting value. On behalf of our 1400 members involved in the planning and design of the region’s communities located throughout the City, Long Island, and Hudson Valley, we thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Waterfront Planning Working Group. We especially appreciate your open planning process and encouragement of broad public participation, which included public hearings in all the boroughs. Many members of our Chapter work with the New York City waterfront issues on a daily basis. We offer these comments on the proposed goals to provide input and contribute to the public discussion of the Draft Recommendations.

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