Letter to Senator Skelos – S.5138 – Consideration of Future Climate Risk


June 7, 2013

Hon. Dean G. Skelos
New York State Senate
Legislative Office Building, Room 909 Albany NY 12247

RE: S.5138 – Consideration of Future Climate Risk

Dear Senator Skelos:

The New York Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NYM) is a professional, educational, and advocacy organization representing over 1,200 practicing planners and policy makers in New York City and its surrounding suburbs. We are part of a national association with a membership of 41,000 professionals and students who are engaged in programs and projects related to the physical, social and economic environment. In our role as a professional advocacy organization, we offer insights and recommendations on policy matters affecting issues such as housing, transportation and the environment.

We are writing to you in support of S.5138 currently pending on the Senate floor. As you are aware, the purpose of the bill is to incorporate consideration of the impacts of climate change and sea level rise into the planning and implementation of a number of activities undertaken by State agencies. Although certainly not a new issue, public awareness of climate change and the need for adequate preparations has taken on a new urgency in the aftermath of storms Irene and Sandy. The breadth of both storms highlight the fact this is a Statewide issue, not just one region of New York.

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