Upcoming APA National Webinars (March 2017)

APA National offers webinars to help you continue your professional development. Register for these exciting sessions:

March 13
Drone Technology: Implications on Policymaking and Design of the Built Environment” webinar sponsored by the APA Planning and Law Division. Register by March 12. CM I 1.5 | Law

March 15
Planning Law and Health Session 1: Comprehensive Planning” webinar co-sponsored by CDC and APA and hosted by the APA Planning and Law Division.
CM I 1.5
ILaw (free)

March 15
Legal Decision Making for Planning Commissioners,” next in APA’s Signature Webinar Series.
CM I 0.5

March 23
Post-Disaster Temporary Housing: Urban Planning Considerations” webinar, hosted by the Planning Information Exchange.
CM I 1 (free)

March 24
Chicago – ASA/APA Summit on Livable Communities, “Planners & Aging Network Professionals Working Together to Plan Livable Communities for All Ages
CM I 4

March 29
Planning and Community Health: Health Impacts in Idaho” webinar hosted by APA and the National Physical Activity Society
CM I 1 (free)