Required Update To Dues Structure

Dear Chapter Members,

The American Planning Association (APA) is requiring all Chapters to move to a percentage-based dues structure by the end of 2017. Based on a percentage-based dues structure, Chapter dues would be calculated as a percentage of APA National dues, as opposed to a flat fee, and the dues would be determined on a sliding scale associated with the individual member’s salary. Each Chapter can select the specific percentage of National dues by which to calculate their respective Chapter dues. Most Chapters have already moved to percentage-based dues, and the remaining Chapters are required to do so by the end of this calendar year.

The current dues for the APA New York Metro (APA-NYM) Chapter, which were last updated in 2001, are a flat fee of $49. Among those Chapters that have already moved to a percentage-based dues structure, the adopted percentage ranges from 10% to 45% of National dues, and the APA-NYM Chapter proposes to adopt an updated dues structure by which Chapter dues would be calculated as 20% of National dues, effective April 1, 2018.

The proposed 20% dues structure for the APA-NYM Chapter is lower than both the average (25%) and median (25%) percentage among those Chapters that have already moved to a percentage-based dues structure, and would result in our Chapter collecting approximately the same annual revenue from dues compared to our current dues structure. This reflects our goal to maintain the affordability of dues for our members. The table below summarizes the proposed dues structure.

Salary Range APA National Dues Current APA-NYM Chapter Dues (flat fee) Proposed APA-NYM Chapter Dues
(20% of National Dues)
Under $42,000 $180 $49 $36
$42,000-$49,999 $210 $49 $42
$50,000-$59,999 $245 $49 $49
$60,000-$69,999 $270 $49 $54
$70,000-$79,999 $295 $49 $59
$80,000-$89,999 $320 $49 $64
$90,000-$99,999 $345 $49 $69
$100,000-$119,999 $375 $49 $75
$120,000 and above $410 $49 $82
Undisclosed $415 $49 $83

It is important to note that percentage-based dues are only applicable to regular APA members. It has no bearing on retired, lifetime, group planning boards, faculty, members in the New APA Membership program, and students, as those fees are at a fixed rate by APA headquarters. Additionally, we will continue to offer Chapter-only membership as a way to receive the benefits of Chapter and Section programming without becoming a regular APA member.

It is anticipated that the December 2017 meeting of the APA-NYM Chapter Executive Committee will include a vote to adopt the proposed update to the dues structure to comply with the requirement from APA National. Over the course of the next month, we welcome feedback and comments from the membership on the proposed dues structure.

To provide feedback, please complete the following form by December 4, 2017

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the work of the Chapter.

Executive Committee
APA-NYM Chapter