Planners4Health (P4H) Task Force Update

Planners4Health is part of the Plan4Health initiative led by the American Planning Association, in partnership with the American Public Health Association, to further the integration of planning and public health.

Earlier this year, the Planners4Health (P4H) Task Force was formed to explore and connect the New York Metro region’s intersections of health and planning. The Task Force will lead an effort to create a tool kit for local decision makers, enabling them to create healthier communities that serve all members of the community. To date, the Task Force has continued to:

1. Collaborate – P4H Task Force members have been working diligently on furthering the P4H Initiative through extensive outreach to regional partners with shared interests. As planning, zoning, health and the built environment continue to intersect and influence each other, it is obvious that we must engage all interested parties in these initiatives to further our goals and gain new perspectives and fresh ideas.

2. Collect – P4H Task Members are gathering and sifting through existing research and data in order to package those data sets and develop tools that shed light on the who, what, where, when, and why of planning for health.

3. Create – P4H will be moving beyond research and collaboration, and taking steps towards developing the tool kit that will provide information for decision makers in any community in the NY Metro regions to make policy, legislative, budgeting, and other changes that will affect our shared physical environment and health of our communities.

Task Force members are highly aware that many others have information that will help in guiding their work and in creating the best tools for creating healthier communities. Please look through the developing Planners4Health NY Metro website and provide your input to help shape this exciting initiative.