2018 APA NY Metro Chapter Membership Survey

Dear Chapter members,

Happy New Year! Thanks to the hard work of dozens of Chapter leaders in driving our programming/professional development, networking, and advocacy efforts, 2017 was a productive and energizing year for the Chapter. Looking ahead, we are now focused on how best to keep up the momentum and move forward in the new year, and we are interested in your input. Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey by January 17th, the results of which will inform the Chapter’s priorities for 2018 and beyond.

The impetus for developing this survey can be traced back to two milestones from last year:

  1. The APA-NYM Chapter’s Executive Committee and Co-Chairs of the thematic Committees joined together for a day-long retreat. The purpose of the retreat was to reflect on the state of our Chapter and begin to collectively carve a path for the Chapter’s future, thereby advancing our mission:The American Planning Association’s New York Metro Chapter (APA-NYM) supports our members, local communities, schools, and practicing professionals through advocating for good planning practice, hosting diverse events and facilitating professional development opportunities in the New York Metro Area.
  2. APA National’s Chapter Presidents Council (CPC) adopted Chapter Performance Criteria, which outline a combination of mandatory and elective items for Chapters to remain in good standing. To comply with the criteria, the APA-NYM Chapter will be developing a 1-year Work Program, which will identify specific goals and actions for the Chapter’s fiscal year, as well as a 5-year Development Plan, which will articulate a vision for the Chapter’s future programs and services.

We want to ensure that the Chapter Work Program and Development Plan are both member-driven and member-focused, so we want to hear from you as these efforts get underway.

First and foremost, we want to confirm that the draft goals for the Chapter—which emerged from the leadership retreat and will serve as a framework upon which to focus our efforts—accurately capture your aspirations for the Chapter. We also want to solicit your feedback on what objectives to prioritize in both the near- and longer-term to achieve these goals. Finally, and perhaps most important, we want to create opportunities for more of our members to drive the strategic direction of the Chapter, so please consider using the survey as an opportunity to express interest in playing a more active role in the months ahead.

To encourage participation, the survey is intentionally concise, while striving to be comprehensive and meaningful. The results of the survey will enable us to coalesce around action-oriented strategies to advance our shared goals.

On behalf of Chapter leadership, thank you in advance for taking the time to make your voice heard by completing the membership survey by January 17th.


Maxwell L. Sokol, AICP
American Planning Association
New York Metro Chapter

p.s. I want to thank every member of Chapter leadership for playing a critical role in getting us to where we are now, and to especially acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to date:

  • Jocelyn Dupre, the Chapter’s immediate past Vice President of Communications, and Marco Castro, for structuring the leadership retreat;
  • Shachi Pandey, AICP, LEED AP, the Chapter Treasurer, for synthesizing the key takeaways from the leadership retreat;
  • Katie Theis, AICP, RLA, LEED AP, the Chapter’s Vice President of Committees, who joined Shachi in organizing the 2018 goal-setting effort on behalf of Chapter leadership;
  • Chris Rhie, CEM, ENV SP, LEED AP ND, and Cristina Ungureanu, AICP, the Co-Chairs of the Urban Design Committee—as well as the entire Committee and Arts + Culture Subcommittee—for thinking creatively and collaboratively about how to advance the goals from the retreat;
  • Caroline Bauer, AICP, Co-Chair of the Arts + Culture Subcommittee, for proactively brainstorming how we can engage the Chapter membership at large in the goal-setting exercise;
  • Ela Dokonal, AICP CUD, LEED AP, the Chapter’s Vice President of Communications, and Katie Shepard, a key member of the Chapter’s Young Planners Group (YPG) Mentorship Subcommittee, for helping to create and issue the survey; and
  • Olivia Jovine, the Chapter Secretary, for keeping us organized and focused.

I look forward to building upon this collaborative spirit and tailoring our efforts in 2018 to align with your priorities, so please take a few minutes to share your thoughts by completing the membership survey by January 17th.