Director of Operations and Maintenance

Organization: Garment District Alliance

Posted: October 24, 2018 | Closing: February 1, 2018

Job Description

Garment District Alliance

Job Posting, October, 2018

GDA – The Garment District Alliance is a business improvement district in midtown Manhattan including the blocks from 35th Street to 41st Street, Fifth Avenue to Ninth Avenue.  The Garment District’s mission is to improve the quality of life and economic vitality of the district, working in partnership with local building owners, businesses, NYC agencies, community boards and elected officials.  In addition to marketing the district as a desirable place to locate a business, the three chief programs of the GDA are sanitation, security and streetscape improvements.

The Director of Operations and Maintenance will oversee a staff of four supervisors and 45 sanitation workers and will report directly to the President and Vice President of the organization.

Position:  Director of Operations and Maintenance

Job Description: 

This position requires a seasoned executive who will have oversight responsibilities for the operations, sanitation and maintenance of the district.  Specifically, sanitation and the visual presentation of the district is the overarching responsibility of this individual including:


Collection of garbage, sweeping, steam cleaning, and disposal of garbage throughout the district, seven days a week.

Incorporate new and innovative solutions to manage disposal of waste generated on GD streets.

Survey and track neighborhood conditions through daily district walks, document issues and distribute to appropriate departments/agencies for resolution, follow-up and advocate for resolution.

Support the planning and execution of initiatives and special projects, including public art installations, to support district beautification and enhancement including landscaping in tree pits, the maintenance and presentation of the Garment District Plazas.

Maintain operations metrics for presentation to board, tenants, staff and public officials.

Integrate new technologies including the Vanguard tracking system, Citisense mapping system, and other technologies that will allow the alliance to measure cost, deployments, outcomes of the Operations and Maintenance department.

Actively participate with President and Director of Security on mitigating the impact of the homeless on GD streets.

Responsible for all on-ground sanitation.

Ensure all cleaning and maintenance protocols provide effective and efficient service and adjust when necessary.







Responsible for procurement, storage and tracking of all equipment, machinery or technology as relates to operations and maintenance of the GD.


Responsible for maintaining all Alliance supplies for cleaning.


Coordinate purchase, use and storage of equipment and furnishings.



Ensure that the GD as well as all furnishings (e.g. tables and chairs) are properly maintained and cleaned on a daily basis and with respect to longer-term maintenance protocols.


Public Space Management

Work closely with Streetscape Improvements and District Planning Manager to assure that public realm is maintained, clean, in good repair and on a reporting system that is unified.


Work with GDA staff members for all Alliance matters including marketing events, art installations, office operations and emergency management.


Community Engagement

Interact with business owners, property owners and community boards to assure best possible conditions.



Experience working in facilities management and operations, capital project or construction management.


Ability to deploy workforce for adequate coverage of the district seven days a week (scheduling).


Knowledge of HR best practices.


Experience in park, campus or public space management.  Experience working with governmental and community organizations a plus.


Great capacity for attention to detail especially with respect to overseeing maintenance workers and outside contractors.


Ability to understand and implement a larger vision for the Garment District.


Excellent oral and written communication skills.


Comfort with and/or familiarity with mapping (GIS), tracking and other technologies to present the qualitative and quantitative work of the organizations maintenance and operations programs.


Willingness to adopt and integrate new technologies, practices and strategies always with an eye to improving the overall operation of the organization.


Bachelor’s Degree.  Master’s Degree or ten years’ experience.



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