Compliance Assistant

Organization: City of Norwalk

Posted: August 27, 2019 | Closing: September 13, 2019

Job Description

Assists the public in making application for the various Planning and Zoning Commissions permits; reviews applications and makes zoning approvals and performs complex clerical duties conducts inspections as needed.

Greets clients and determines nature of their business and refers to proper staff person. Informs clients of procedures in obtaining Zoning, Harbor Commission, Coastal Area Management (CAM) Subdivision, Planned Residential Development (P.R.D.) permits. Fills out application forms and checks drawings for approval from various agencies having jurisdiction over building construction. Reviews applications and plans for completeness and provides zoning department approval. Conducts field investigations as assigned and provides written reports on findings. Assists the Planning Director and Zoning Inspector in matters within their respective jurisdictions. Attends Commission/Committee meetings and presents oral or written reports as assigned. Coordinates responses. Originates and types letters, legal notices and reports. Distributes drawings, reports, minutes of meeting to Commission and other agencies.

How to Apply

Candidates apply online through the City of Norwalk Personnel Department.

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