Technology Committee Member Spotlight – Shruti Shubham

Shruti Shubham
G.I.S. Analyst and Urban Planner at Gridics

Shruti is a dedicated member of the Technology Committee, working on events such as the ‘Techquity’ discussion panel at the 2019 APA New York Metro Chapter Annual Conference and involved in various Tech Talks such as the ‘Digital Divide in Education’ and ‘The Wise City’. Below we share Shruti’s thoughts on what inspires her most about technology and planning.

What inspires you most about technology and planning?
I strongly believe technology and urban planning go hand in hand. This symphony has the potential to overcome current regulatory silos, expedite planning processes, boost collaboration and citizen engagement. Specializing in urban analytics and data visualization, and exploring the intersection between tech urbanism came organically to me as a graduate student.

Digital media has enabled me to seamlessly present my logic and creativity. I have always been inclined to amalgamate these seemingly disparate fields and my internships at tech startups in San Francisco and New York City gave me the opportunity to do so. I am grateful to have joined Gridics upon graduating, where I prepare city-data conducive to the Gridics proprietary platform. I look forward to work every single day and have helped in the digitization process for many major US markets.

In today’s times with an increase in population, and climate related risks and our mission for sustainable development, it is more important than ever to plan our spaces and cities better. Despite all the challenges we are facing, I am determined as a professional to sync technology with the planning processes that will ensure better resource management and help us plan our world better!