Join us for ‘Computer Vision & Planning Vision’ on Aug 8th @6pm

The New Tech Committee’s Premier Event!

The Tech Committee is the Chapter’s newest, and the first event will be hosted on August 8th, organized by founder and co-chair Olivia Jovine, AICP. The Tech Committee looks forward to (virtually) host three planners from California: David Wasserman, Michael Flaxman, Marshall Ballard.

The panel discussion will be held “live” at the LMHQ event space (120 Broadway, 20th Floor) where members of the committee, the chapter, and interested professionals will gather for shared discussion and networking.

The Tech Committee is committed to discussions that go beyond “buzz words,” and really get to the crux of the discussion topic. We are also committed to conversations that explore the intersection of urban planning and technology. Computer Vision is an area of machine learning that committee is dedicated to understanding, and will host future events to build off of the information learned during the ‘Computer Vision & Community Vision’ event.

If you’re interested in catching the event, we have a recording posted to Youtube (viewable here). We have tailored the recording to become cm eligible, for 1.5 distance learning credits. We hop you enjoy!