Diversity Committee releases recommendations for diversifying the planning profession in the New York Metro Area

APA-NYM’s Diversity Committee has released the final design of a one-pager follow-up to the forum held in April 2016 and co-hosted by APA-NYM’s Diversity Committee and Student Relations Committee: “Elephant in Planning Room,” an open forum on how to improve diversity initiatives at urban planning programs in the New York Metro Area.

The back of the one-pager features a set of recommendations for planning programs for how to improve diversity in schools (derived from table discussions at the forum and from Giovania Tiarachristie’s thesis on recruiting and retaining diversity in the planning profession).



You can download the executive summary here.

This document was designed to be convenient and easily distributed, so please share with your alma matters, colleagues, and friends. We’d like to extend another thank you to all that participated and volunteered to make the event successful. For questions or suggestions, please contact the Diversity Committee at diversity@nyplanning.org!