Mission: The Waterfront Committee consists of city planners, design professionals, public advocates, and the merely curious. We meet monthly to discuss projects, trends, culture, and opportunities/challenges for the metropolitan waterfront. Our mission is to promote long-term planning that will advance strategies for the preservation, restoration, and renewal of the region’s waterfront. This includes the promotion of sound land use policies that acknowledge sea-level rise and the intensification of major weather events. As the region’s shoreline adapts to climate change, there is also the need for open space and public access, resilient infrastructure, maintenance and growth of the maritime sector, and the attainment of redevelopment goals. The Waterfront Committee strives to advance these efforts and to work collaboratively with other APA Metro committees.

General Waterfront Committee Meetings are held the first or second Monday of each month at the Cornell Design Studio, 26 Broadway, in Lower Manhattan from 6:45 to 8PM (email us for more information).

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