Urban Design

Urban design shapes our experience of the city. The design of the built environment influences the way we interact with our surroundings and each other, and has the potential to foster equity, livelihoods and culture.

By considering both the complex physical planning of urban environments and relevant social, economic, and environmental contexts, urban planners offer a critical perspective to the practice of urban design.  

The APA-NYM Urban Design Committee fosters dialogue and advocacy for creative, cross-disciplinary and equitable placemaking. We connect, convene, inform and engage urban design professionals, communities and public officials instrumental in shaping the form and function of cities.

Urban Design Committee Goals:
  • Establish APA-NYM as a key stakeholder in issues that impact urban design in New York City.
  • Develop AICP Certification Maintenance (CM) programming centered on issues related to urban design and physical planning. Host or co-host at least three (3) such events per year.
  • Raise the visibility of the Urban Design Committee through a strong and coordinated communications strategy that targets stakeholders concerned with urban development. Post at least one blog piece per month, and ensure that at least one blog post is cross-posted on another design journalism platform.
  • Develop meaningful engagements with other professional organizations, universities, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. Co-host at least one of the Committee’s events with a partner organization.
Join the Urban Design Network:

If you are interested in the form and design of our urban areas, and would like to learn about occasional opportunities to participate in urban design-related activities and events held around the New York Metro area, become a member of the Urban Design Network. Becoming a member of the Urban Design Network is a great way to remain informed of events that have impact on the design of the built environment. As a member of the Urban Design Network, you will receive periodic e-mail notifications of current events, design news, and activities, and will remain in contact with the members of the Urban Design Committee.

There are currently no open seats on the Urban Design committee. If you are interested in joining the network, send an email to nyurbandesignnetwork@gmail.com and you will be added to the mailing list.

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Arts & Culture Subcommittee

The APA-NYM Arts and Culture Subcommittee seeks to amplify the value of arts and culture in planning to achieve economic, social, environmental, and quality of life goals. The Subcommittee will provide education, strategy, networks, and guidance for incorporating arts and culture into policy and development initiatives in the New York Metro area.

  • Encourage the use of arts and culture to communicate across socioeconomic and demographic lines for improved urban planning outcomes.
  • Provide a platform for stakeholders participating in New York City’s 2017 Comprehensive Cultural Plan to share their work.
  • Engage a wider set of participants in planning and land use decisions to promote neighborhood stabilization.
  • Build an audience (external) and a constituency (internal) to foster knowledge sharing within urban planning and across diverse sectors.