Kunz Library

Arthur H. Kunz Memorial Library
Created by Suffolk County Planning and the Long Island Section, the Kunz Library is in the Planning Department Office in the H. Lee Denison Building in Hauppauge. Library resources are purchased with Arthur H. Kunz Memorial Funds. If you wish to inquire about the library or make a contribution, please contact the Planning Department at (631) 853-5192 or Andrew Freleng atandrew.freleng@suffolkcountyny.gov The library is open to the public and contains the following resources.


  • Demographic and economic census data
  • Historical aerial photographs going back to 1930
  • Classic/current urban planning and development textbooks
  • Videos on planning issues
  • Property tax maps and subdivision maps on microfilm
  • Proceedings of the Suffolk County Board of Supervisors/Legislature from 1952 to the present
  • Publications of the American Planning Association (APA)
  • Zoning codes of the towns and villages in Suffolk County
  • Weekly newspapers for various areas of the county
  • Local area master plans
  • Public finance
  • Dredging
  • Solid waste
  • Surface waters and wetlands
  • Parks and recreation
  • Transportation
  • Farmland preservation
  • Groundwater
  • Energy


  • Guide to Graduate Education, 8th edition
  • Edge City
  • Experience of Place
  • Greening of Urban Transport
  • Guide to Site and Environmental Planning
  • American City Planning Since 1890
  • West American Metropolis
  • Land Use Law, 3rd edition
  • Living Landscape
  • Making a Middle Landscape
  • Park Planning and Guidelines
  • Reader in Planting Theory
  • Seaside: Making a Town in America
  • Site Planning
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Comprehensive City Planning
  • Land Use and the Constitution


  • City Beautiful
  • Why Plan?
  • Critical Issues in Environmental Law
  • Consistency in Comprehensive Planning
  • Challenge of Change


  • Planning; Advisory Service Reports
  • Regulating Radio and T.V. Towers
  • Affordable Single Family Housing
  • Home Occupation Ordinances
  • Regulating Satellite Dish Antennae
  • Transferable Development Rights
  • Designing Urban Corridors
  • Survey of Zoning Ordinances
  • Reinventing the Village
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Land Use
  • Innovative Tools for Historic Preservation
  • Affordable Housing Proactive and Reactive