APA NY Metro Chapter Waterfront Committee Meeting

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Monday, January 13, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Cornell Architecture, Art, and Planning Studio, New York, NY

Event Type: Conference

Please join the APA NY Metro Chapter for the next Waterfront Committee meeting. All are welcome.

Please reach out to committee co-chair Max Taffet with any questions [maxtaffet <at> gmail (dot) com}.

Minutes from previous 12/2/2019 meeting:

  • Attendees: Bob Balder,  Nicolas Grefenstette, Scott Shostak, Gregory Roussine, Steve Whitehouse, Max Taffet
  • Michael Marrella from NYC Department of City Planning spoke about the 2030 Comprehensive Waterfront Plan that is due to be released 12/31/2020 (plan is due 13 months from today)
    • Highlights:
      • Discussed how DCP Waterfront and Open Space division and APA NY Metro Chapter might work together on out reach
      • This next comp plan will be the 3rd plan the first was in 1992
      • The first 1992 plan focused largely on land use
        • 1992 recommended waterfront zoning
        • Public access at the expense of the developer—that was a huge sea change in the way NYC zoned. First city in the US to establish waterfront access through zoning
      • Now 25 years later that has lead to approximately two dozen waterfront access sites – it has proven to be important, not a replacement for parks but additive to public access to the waterfront
      • But there are limitations since it is related to zoning
        • For instance because its power comes from zoning the City cant you require that people provide boat access of elevation
      • By mid 2000s as the real estate market in NYC started to gain hyper speed – amidst other rezoning there was concern among advocates that we were losing out maritime waterfront
      • That lead to the passing of city council legislation to require an update of the waterfront comp plan by end of 2010
        • 2010 release looked at the blue network and resiliency
        • Another element was governance and regulation –
          • In reaction to waterfront permitting projects that were supposed to take 6 months actually took 8 to 9 years
        • Action Agenda of 125 projects accompanied the last waterfront comp plan
      • Comp plan is not law —  it is a document of the administration—similar to PlaNYC or OneNYC
      • “The power of the plan is the power of good ideas”
      • There is an opportunity to focus on the planning issues and topics—this would be a helpful space for APA to contribute
      • Late summer early fall APA will have the opportunity to provide comment on the draft document. 
      • Waterfront is still hidden to many New Yorkers so there is a benefit to continuing to offer tours
      • Timing Milestones
        • Scoping is underway now via the thematic listening sessions. Scoping will continue through early spring and will include workshops in boroughs
          • Opportunity for planners workshop in the spring? Or for each APA Committee to take on a pertinent part of the plan that relates to their committees
        • Late summer draft recommendations expect
  • Possible 2020 CM Credit Events (other than Comp Plan events)
    • Land Use Law
    • Mortgages and Insurance – the new Red Line, the Blue Line
    • Waterfront Zoning/Building Code
    • Waterfront M Zones in the Future—OSW, Freight, and what else
  • Anyone with suggested panelists please feel free to make suggestions