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  • Bridgeport, CT: Master Plan of Conservation and Development Update

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    The City of Bridgeport is updating its Master Plan of Conservation and Development in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 8-23. The current Master Plan has served Bridgeport well, as it provided clear guidance for the past decade on a multitude of issues, not the least of which include environmental stewardship, housing, and zoning reform.

    Many goals from the current Master Plan have been achieved, however, there are many others that we continue to work towards, and which are still applicable today. Given its continued relevance, the 2018 update will use the current Master Plan’s content as its foundation, and will expand to include topics like community health, equity, and resiliency.

    What will change drastically is the plans organization and form. The updated Master Plan of Conservation and Development (LINK) will be formatted as a policy guide for Bridgeport, accessible to decision makers and stakeholders alike. “Portland’s Plan 2030”, a Master Plan for Portland, Maine, (LINK) is being utilized as a sample for the policy guide and graphic framework of Bridgeport’s Master Plan.


    The selected Consultant Team will work directly with OPED. A Steering Committee and an Outreach Advisory Sub-Committee will guide the overall efforts. It is expected that approximately 6-10 community meetings will be held, approximately 3 online surveys conducted, and a combined 6-10 Steering Committee/Outreach Advisory Committee meetings will occur.

    Public outreach and input will include a variety of methods, including but not limited to, community meetings and open houses, online surveys, and social media. To enhance the input received at community meetings, the City will be introducing public input through online survey methods. The selected Consultant must have demonstrated experience using this methodology, and provide suggestions on the most effective and efficient software application for the project.

    An emphasis will be placed upon expressing information graphically throughout the Plan.

    The Consultant will be responsible for facilitating community meetings, coordinating all public comments received throughout the process, developing graphics, and writing the Master Plan of Conservation and Development. It is desired to have a final draft of the Master Plan six (6) months after entering into a contract.

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  • Hamilton Housing Strategy

    Hamilton is experiencing a housing shortage that has created affordability issues, as well as
    attraction and retention issues for employers. An analysis of demand for new housing and a plan
    for the best use of existing housing is necessary.

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