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  • REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL : 2021 Westchester County Residents Recreation Preferences Survey

    The consultant will develop a questionnaire based in part on the 2008 questionnaire for a random survey of at least 750 countywide residents or a sample size determined to be statistically valid to address the following additional issues:

    1) Current involvement of residents in recreational activities in general.
    2) Residents’ awareness/use of County parks/facilities/programs for residents of sub-regions of Westchester County.
    3) Identify the most preferred park facilities.
    4) Identify who the users of County parks are in terms of residence (zip code), race, age, sex and income.
    5) Identify unmet recreational needs by race, age, sex, income, and types of facilities residents would like to see developed.
    6) Identify the transportation, parking and access needs of the residents to get to County parks and programs, including transportation needs for residents of urban neighborhoods.
    7) Identify non-park users and why they don’t use the parks.
    8) Identify the public preference for user fees vs. a tax levy based system.
    9) Identify whether the public recognizes the benefits the parks system provides in relation to personal health, family life, constructive use of time, youth employment, economic benefits, etc.
    10) Identify specific and emerging trail user needs.
    11) Identify the need for additional ball fields and facilities in the county.
    12) Conduct time series analysis between 2008 survey and the 2021 survey.
    13) Tabulate and analyze existing park user data obtained by the Department of Parks, Recreation and Conservation.
    14) Conduct a manual or automated counting of bicycle and pedestrian trailway usage in peak and non-peak seasons.
    15) Conduct a manual or automated counting of non-monitored parking lot utilization by day and time of week during peak and non-peak seasons.
    16) Develop a long-term QR code continuous survey and feedback system for park kiosks and trailheads.
    17) Establish a web site that will be home to the results of the statistical survey, the continuous QR survey analysis as well as a public comment and Departmental feedback blog.
    18) Evaluate the extent to which changes in park use during the COVID-19 pandemic may be temporary or may result in permanent shifts in park use following the pandemic.

    Please view the RFP at

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  • Upper Delaware Council RFP for Fiscal Sustainability Plan and Economic Analysis

    The UDC is seeking an Independent Contractor to develop a long-term fiscal sustainability plan for the Upper Delaware Council Inc. and/or to update a 1995 Lehigh University economic analysis titled Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River: Impact of the River Management Plan on the Finances of Local Governments in NY and PA. Sealed bids due by 6/28 and project completion by 12/1/21. Complete RFP available at Contact Executive Director Laurie Ramie at: UDC, P.O. Box 192, 211 Bridge St., Narrowsburg, NY 12764, (845) 252-3022 or

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  • The City of Greensburg Comprehensive Plan Update RFP

    The City of Greensburg is seeking the services of a qualified team of Consultants to guide a highly focused, collaborative design process for the Comprehensive Plan Update Project for the City of Greensburg.
    The objective is to provide City Council, Planning Commission, City staff, City residents and the business community with a compelling vision and plan that can be used as a tool to guide decision-making and development to the year 2040.
    The scope of work includes the development of internal and external communication processes, assessment including any background research that needs to be completed prior to the development of the plan, planning a shared City-wide vision and development goals, outreach to ensure public involvement throughout each phase of the project and monitoring of data and information collected.
    Within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan Update Project, the planning effort will include two additional focus areas: 1) Parks and Recreation, and 2) Blight Mitigation. These focus areas will result in the development of a Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space Plan (CRPOS) and a Blight Mitigation Strategy that will be adopted as part of the larger city-wide plan. Each should have the ability to stand on its own if necessary.
    According to the Request for Proposals (RFP) distributed by the City, proposals must be submitted to the City Planning & Development Office by 4:00 PM on Monday, July 26, 2021. A Work Group will evaluate proposals based on a series of criteria including: capacity and capability; relevant experience; quality of proposed work plan and budget; understanding of local context; and innovation and creativity. The consultant selected for the Comprehensive Update Plan Project will be selected on, or around, August 25, 2021. Funding for the Comprehensive Plan Update project has been secured through the 2020 Department of Conservation and Natural Resources C2P2funds, and the City’s FY2018 and FY 2019 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

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  • City of Peekskill – Natural Resources Inventory

    The City of Peekskill (“City”) is a vibrant community situated along the Hudson River with a variety of natural resources adding to the beauty and quality of life of Peekskill residents. The goal of the City’s Natural Resources Inventory (“NRI”) is to identify areas of local and area importance including but not limited to water resources, bedrock geology and soils, scenic and cultural resources, climatology, etc. The NRI will become a valuable resource to the city and its residents by serving as a foundation for comprehensive land use planning and future environmental programs and projects.

    As such, the City of Peekskill seeks a qualified specialized firm or individual (the “Consultant”) experienced in the preparation and development of NRIs in the Hudson River Valley with relevancy in data collection and fieldwork, websites and mapping, scientific writing, and public engagement. The Scope of Services is detailed in Section 3 of the RFP.

    This NRI is made possible through a grant from the Hudson River Valley Greenway Association.

    The RFP posting can be found here: 

    Responses are due April 23, 2021 by 4PM. 

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  • Village of Larchmont Train Station Parking Lot Redevelopment

    The Village of Larchmont is seeking a qualified developer to re-envision the Village Parking lot adjacent to the northbound platform of the Metro North train station. This underutilized parcel is situated in a key location, and presents a unique opportunity to serve as a catalyst in energizing the Village’s downtown.

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  • City of Norwalk Traffic Peer Review Services

    The City of Norwalk through the Planning and Zoning Department, is soliciting request of qualifications (Request for Qualifications/RFQ’s) from qualified Professional Traffic Engineering firms for on-call traffic engineering and peer review services. The Department intends to retain one or more firms to be utilized on an as-needed basis at the discretion of the Zoning Commission to advise and comment on applications when the Commission concludes that outside expertise related to traffic engineering is needed to assist them when reviewing an application. The requirements of this project are outlined in greater detail under Section 2 Scope of Work/Project Specifications.

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  • Newport Transportation Master Plan

    The City is pursuing the creation of a Transportation Master Plan with support from the State Department of Administration Division of Statewide Planning. With direction from city leadership, the Plan will establish a vision for transportation infrastructure and services based on an objective assessment of existing conditions and a projection of future demand. The City will use the process to establish short- and long-term improvements to its transportation planning, policies, management, capital improvements, and maintenance activities. This will be supported by regional transportation improvements to support Newport. The Plan will support the City’s Comprehensive Plan (and be incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan through reference), as well as other City goals for preservation, green and complete streets (including sufficient pedestrian accommodation on every right-of-way), sustainability, resiliency, equity, and community and economic development. The project area encompasses the entirety of Newport (11 square miles, 7 land, 4 water) population ~25,000) as well as critical transportation nodes approaching Newport (e.g. West and East Main Roads, TF Green Airport, Wickford Junction, Kingston Station, North Kingstown, Providence Station, Route 1A Park and Ride, Tiverton Park and Ride, Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority, Kennedy Plaza, Fall River Bus Terminal, and Providence and Fall River ferry terminals).

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  • Town of Poughkeepsie – Natural Resources Inventory and Open Space Plan

    The NRI and OSP will cover all of the approximately 31 square miles in the Town of Poughkeepsie, including portions of the Village of Wappingers Falls (located in the Town). The project will include a public outreach process. Preparation of the NRI and OSP will enable the Town to identify priorities for natural resource protection and to explore, and ultimately select, community-supported tools and techniques for conserving these resources. This work will set the stage for future implementation of conservation projects by creating community consensus about conservation goals and priorities and about appropriate methods (such as regulations, incentives, and perhaps public funding) for completing such projects.

    The Town has received a grant from the DEC’s Hudson River Estuary Program and executed a contract with New York State. We are now soliciting proposals/qualifications from planning consultants through a competitive process. The selected consultant will collaborate with the CAC and Town staff to develop the NRI and OSP.

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  • Norwalk CT Zoning Regulations Rewrite

    The City of Norwalk CT seeks the services of a consulting firm or firms to undertake a comprehensive rewrite to our Building Zone Regulations.

    The RFP can be found at:

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  • Westchester County Transportation Demand Management Plan for Grasslands Campus

    The purpose of the Plan is to identify strategies that decrease single occupant vehicle (SOV) trips, vehicle miles traveled and associated vehicle emissions, increase the availability and use of alternative travel modes, with the intent to achieve more efficient parking management and utilization.

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