2018 FAICP Nomination Process Begins at the Chapter Level: APA-NYM is Ready for Kick-Off

Do you know an APA-NYM Chapter member who has been an AICP member in good standing for at least 15 years and has made outstanding contributions to the profession over an extended period of time?  If so, please e-mail Angie Witkowski at admin@nyplanning.org and Alex Wallach, AICP at pdo@nyplanning.org to make sure that member’s name is on the FAICP eligibility list. The nominating individual must then compile and submit the resume and statement of eligibility for the nominee.

Eligible Chapter members who would like for their FAICP nomination to be considered for endorsement by the Chapter should submit (to admin@nyplanning.org and pdo@nyplanning.org) a resume and preliminary statement of their eligibility under one of the one of four nomination categories by no later than March 15th, 2017.  The nomination category is the focal point of your submission:

  1. Professional Practice,
  2. Teaching and Mentoring,
  3. Research,
  4. Community Service & Leadership.

Click Here for 2018 FAICP Nomination Details

Nominations to FAICP is biennial. New classes are inducted during the APA National Conference for that year. Nominations for the 2018 FAICP round will be submitted to APA National by October 13, 2017.