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  • NYC Disaster Recovery and Mobilization Plan

    Contractor is looking for a  consultant to assist in the formulation of a disaster recovery plan for a current contract with NYC.  Expression of interest due on June 9th, 2017.  Please submit by e-mail to  Daniel Scully at: . Preferably the consultant will have experience in developing a debris removal plan and holds an AICP. Services and qualifications will […]

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  • A Snow Removal Operations, Management, and Routing Study for 18 Municipalities in Western Connecticut

    As the State of Connecticut is undergoing a budget crisis, new types of cooperation for economic efficiencies are being sought within municipalities, between adjacent municipalities, and for municipalities across our region. Municipalities might realize significant efficiencies and cost savings by optimizing operations and planning, as well as cooperative efforts with adjacent communities.

    In this study, the Vendor will assist the municipalities of Western Connecticut and PW management, by evaluating current planning and operational practices. Because of the importance and complexity of snow removal, it is critical that this project accommodate technical, geographic, and procedural constraints for each municipality involved in the project and understand local snow removal management and implementation issues. The selected Vendor will be asked to work closely with each of the municipalities involved in the project and provide iterative feedback while receiving input from municipal public works professionals about their local snow removal systems. This project is the first phase in a long-term effort to further improve cooperation and potential efficiencies. The project must be completed by Aug 9th, 2018.

    The study will be broken into the following components:
    • A data collection phase involving each of the participating municipalities where baseline information is collected about snow storm responses, operations, and management practices;
    • An analytics phase that evaluates routing optimization using GIS-type tools including iterative evaluation of proposed routing with extensive guidance and outreach with PW professionals;
    • An operations evaluation phase where the Vendor provides recommendations for Best Management Practices;
    • And a planning document that synthesizes the analyses and provides guidance for long-term improvements both locally and regionally.

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  • Request for Proposals for Pre-Qualified Real Estate Development and Planning Related Consultants

    For more information and to view the RFP, visit:

    Proposals are due June 16, 2017 at 12:00pm.

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  • 5-Year Review of Comprehensive Plan with Targeted Amendments- Village of Mamaroneck, NY


    The Village seeks a consultant to assist the Board of Trustees as lead agency in preparation of amendments to the Village Comprehensive Plan to include the following:

    1. Revise population demographics.
    2. Incorporate new projects/Planning Initiatives.
    3. Highlight open recommendations of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan Update.
    4. Identify parties responsible for implementing recommendations.
    5. Incorporate a new chapter on sustainability and resiliency.
    6. Recommend modifications in the zoning regulations to protect and enhance the integrity and character of neighborhoods.

    • Sustainability Chapter- The first major focus of this amendment is to incorporate a new chapter on sustainability and resiliency. While the Village has made strides in becoming a sustainable community, including its recent status as a climate smart community, there is no cohesive sustainability program that brings together the numerous disjointed and ongoing sustainable initiatives such as LED street light upgrades and green infrastructure incentives. The consultant will review ongoing sustainability practices and integrate existing sustainability measures while also identifying gaps or shortcomings. Consultant shall recommend additional sustainability measures and develop project matrix goals and implementation mechanisms for both short and long term goals.

    • Zoning Amendments – The second major focus of this amendment is to continue the work initiated by the 2016 Residential Zoning Analyses. The Consultant will recommend modifications in the zoning regulations that would protect and enhance the integrity and character of neighborhoods. 

    • Community Participation- The Village of Mamaroneck continues to recognize the importance of public participation in the planning process. The consultant shall provide the Village of Mamaroneck with a plan for public outreach and engagement in the proposal. The consultant shall facilitate at least one public workshop with community members. The consultant will facilitate and organize input from appropriate volunteer boards, including the Planning Board, Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Architectural Review, Committee for the Environment, Tree Committee, and the Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee. The consultant will facilitate at least one global workshop with representatives from these volunteer boards. Furthermore, the consultant will interface with the Planning Department and other appropriate departments, such as the Manager’s Office, Department of Public Works, etc., who will provide input and guidance to the consultant regarding ongoing projects and initiatives. 

    • Adoption- The consultant’s proposal shall include a timeline and work plan for with specified steps in the planning process. Each phase in the process shall be accompanied by a descriptive budget. The public meetings that are outlined above should be included in the timeline and placed in appropriate locations in the process. The adoption of the plan will be subject to the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act. The Village is also a LWRP community and the plan will also be subject to a consistency review. As such the consultant shall include the timelines and costs associated with the review.

    For detailed questions please contact Greg Cutler at the Planning Department,

    Full RFP:

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  • City of Norwalk – Parking Capacity Study & Strategic Parking Plan

    The Norwalk Parking Authority seeks the development of a Parking Capacity Study and Strategic
    Parking Plan (the Plan) to provide a comprehensive, city-wide framework that helps to articulate
    and clarify a vision and approach for parking in the city of Norwalk. The Plan will serve to align
    policy-makers, city staff, residents, business and property owners, and all other stakeholders so
    that parking goals outlined in the Plan are shared and reflect a common vision for the city as a
    whole. The overall plan should explore innovative strategies and parking values from a variety of
    user’s perspectives so that the implementation tools outlined in the plan can be used by all
    stakeholders to achieve the best parking plan possible. The plan will create strategies to benefit the
    business and residential communities and visiting public and offer solutions and best practices that
    will assist the city and the Norwalk Parking Authority.

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